IBM DataPower Training

IBM WebSphere DataPower.  It is the most powerful, bulletproof data-security and integration gateway appliance ever created. It is a SOA appliance (Software Oriented Architecture) and is completely pre-configured and ready for mounting straight out-of-the-box. IBM DataPower is an XML appliance that will speed your web service deployments while also extending your SOA build and infrastructure.

No branch of computing business has ramped as aggressively as mobile, and within the span of a few years, digital transformation has matured. Today, nearly 90% of developers are currently extending enterprise apps to mobile, or plan to in the near future. (Source: Evans Data).

At the same time, fears about mobile security and cloud integration do persist. Line-of-business managers must interface with mobile customers and provide arms-length customer service. Backend core IT must protect PII/PHI and satisfy HIPAA requirements. There needs to be a gateway and IBM DataPower is one of the most secure, well developed options on the market.

DataPower is a SECURITY and INTEGRATION appliance, purpose-built to provide a broad range of application security, integration, routing, B2B integration, and governance capabilities for all types of web, mobile, API and cloud traffic. DataPower helps organizations achieve rapid time to value with a high-performance solution that requires no coding, simplifies integration, and supports a wide array of web, mobile, cloud, B2B, and API management enablement.

Course Duration: 3 Months