The Mule ESB is a lightweight Java-based Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and integration platform that allows developers to connect applications together quickly and easily, enabling them to exchange data. MuleSoft’s ESB enables easy integration of existing systems regardless of the different technologies that the applications use. Some examples include JMS, Web Services, JDBC, HTTP, and more. The key advantage of an ESB is that it allows different applications to communicate with each other by acting as a transit system for carrying data between applications within your enterprise or across the Internet. Mule ESB includes powerful capabilities that include:

Service Creation and Hosting

Expose and host reusable services, using Mule ESB as a lightweight service container

Service Mediation

Shield services from message formats and protocols, separate business logic from messaging, and enable location-independent service calls

Message Routing

Route, filter, aggregate, and re-sequence messages based on content and rules

Data Transformation

Exchange data across varying formats and transport protocols

MuleSoft Staffing and Solutions

Finding the right MuleSoft partner can be critical in your integration of the MuleSoft platform. An IT staffing company is happy to provide MuleSoft consultants to assist you in managing your project. An IT solutions company willingly brings you defined scope and budget end point. V-Soft brings both of these proficiencies together, providing the optimum resources and capabilities for your MuleSoft project with direct engagement and transparency you will not find elsewhere.

Class Duration: 3 Months